About PayForm

PayForm's mission is to create easy to use software that can collect payments with Google Forms. The company was founded in 2021 in Boulder, Colorado by Scott Paterson.

The idea for PayForm started from our sister company, WPPlugin, that sells WordPress plugins. We discovered that some users only wanted to run a one time event, or didn't have a website and domain name. PayForm solves those problems and makes it easy to sell, even if you don't have your own website.

Founder & Software Engineer

Hi! My name is Scott Paterson and I am a Canadian based in Boulder, Colorado.

I graduated from the University of Florida and I have been a software developer for over 19 years.

Before I founded PayForm in 2021, I founded the popular WordPress plugin company WPPlugin LLC in 2014. WPPlugin offers a wide variety of e-commerce software for WordPress and is currently used on over 75,000 websites with over 1M downloads.

Support Lead

I'm Collin Sasse, and I'm the support specialist for PayForm!

When you need help with any of our forms, I'm here to get things up and running for you. When I'm not digging delighting our customers, I'm working on WordPress websites and hiking in Southern California.

Software Engineer

Hi! My name is Yuriy Ostapchuk and I am a based in the Ukraine. I write new code, add features, and fix bugs for PayForm.

I'm a technical problem solver, able to implement complex solutions and ensure uninterrupted performance.